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5 Career Sites Millennial Women Should Visit

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. work force, a study by Pew Research found. Clearly, Career is a priority to many and an area that we all strive to succeed in, but it’s one that requires constant development and attention if we want to reach our potential. Whether this is the year you change jobs, uplevel your skill set or decide to ask for a raise, these 5 career sites for millennial women should be your first port of call to get you there.


1. Career Contessa

Career Contessa is your one-stop career shop for career advice, private career coaching, job listings, career webinars, online courses and more! Each week they also interview an inspiring career woman, giving insight into a range of industries from Business to Engineering. If you’re considering a career change, the interview series could be just the thing you need to read! Career Contessa is the perfect career site for millennial women who are looking for an intelligent, comprehensive career support service.


career site millennial women


2. Career Girl Daily

Possibly the coolest career site for millennial women, Career Girl Daily feels more like an issue of Vogue or Cosmopolitan when compared to sources like Career Contessa. If you’re looking for simple, easy to read articles on interviewing, success tips and more, Career Girl Daily is for you! But it doesn’t stop there! Career Girl Daily knows you’re more than just a desk drone, so they also cover popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics to satisfy even the most multi-passionate woman. It’s a modern millennial marvel!

career site millennial women


3. Classy Career Girl

Classy Career Girl is a career website with a mission: to help women achieve career success by finding a job they love. As soon as you land on the site, you’re given the option to search for what’s relevant to you – either finding a job, seeking business start-up information or discovering your purpose. If articles aren’t your thing, they also run a podcast – perfect listening for your next workout! In my opinion, Classy Career Girl is one of the best career sites for millennial women out there!

career site millennial women


4. The Everygirl

With several irresistible articles published daily and years of content at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of reading material with The Everygirl! The Everygirl is a general lifestyle hub that shares everything from career and finance advice to travel and beauty tips, so while you’re looking for resume pointers, you might just come across a healthy breakfast recipe! This content cocktail might not appeal to women focused solely on finding career info, but The Everygirl contributors do often have some excellent insights. It’s one of my favourite career sites for millennial women.

career site millennial women


5. Punched Clocks

Punched Clocks is another great career site for millennial women, primarily because it’s written for millennials by a millennial! It might not be the most stylish site around, but boy, does it provide value! Punched Clocks knows it means business, and promptly provides you with quality advice on changing careers, leadership, productivity and salary negotiation (to name a few) – it’s everything you’d ever want in a career site! When I found it, I basically fist-pumped. It’s that good. Honestly, Punched Clocks is a hidden gem!

career site millennial women 

Bonus: Career Manifestations

When you visit Career Manifestations, you’ll notice something straight away: their homepage has a very similar layout to that of Classy Career Girl. If you use both sites, it’ll make navigation very easy, however, there’s one difference between the two – Career Manifestations is a career site for millennial women who specifically want to start a blog, begin freelancing or run a small business. Going-solo might be off the table for you, and if that’s the case, skip this one. If not, they also provide free resources and courses. On the blog, you’ll find articles on establishing yourself, branding, security, time management, marketing – really everything you need to know in this niche!

career site millennial women


No matter whether you’re seeking simple career advice or in-depth solutions to more complicated problems, these websites can help you succeed in your industry. If you’re looking for dedicated career guidance, I’d recommend Career Contessa and Punched Clocks. For heart-centered content, visit Classy Career Girl. If you’re after more than just career advice, like fashion tips and recipes, check out The Everygirl and Career Girl Daily. For the best female-centred business advice, you’ll want to look into Career Manifestations. If there’s an area of your career that you’d like to improve, check out these sites today!


Have I missed your favourite? Let me know what other career sites you swear by in the comments below.


Have a great week!

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